Improvers Cup – The Biddy Wade Trophy

Detailed information and entry forms for all junior competitions can be obtained from the County Junior Organiser: Maureen Mansfield: 6 Harding Way, Histon, Cambs CB24 9JH.

Biddy Wade Trophy 01223 233033    


  • Open to all girls within the Association who have not reached their 19th birthday on 1 January in the current year and hold a CONGU handicap

  • All girls will be given a certificate on which to state their handicap, together with their best four net scores over 18 holes during the year 1st May 2016 to 30th April 2017

  • These scores must be returned to the Junior Competition Organiser, Maureen Mansfield (see above for contact details) no later than 21 May 2017

  • The winner is the player with the best average net score against the actual SSS. In the event of a tie, the trophy will be shared.


Ella Mason – Ely City 

2017 Winner

Previous Winners

     2016 Miss Olivia Dyson 2015 Miss Chloe Drewery
2014 Miss Lindie Tapping 2013 Miss Emily Smith 2012 Miss Megan Taylor 2011 Miss Chilani Allen
2010 Miss Laura Tuttle 2009 Miss Katie Nicol 2008 Miss Laura Tuttle 2007 Miss Sarah Smith
2006 Miss Sarah Smith 2005 Miss Miranda Brain 2004 Miss Tabitha Brain 2003 Miss K Sharp
2002 Miss L Topham 2001 Miss E Coe 2000 Miss J Phipps 1999 Miss J Hawkins
1998 Miss M Foley 1997 Miss M Foley 1996 Miss J McGuigan 1995 Miss N Morris
1994 Miss N Morris 1993 Miss R Prout 1992 Miss J McGuigan 1991 Miss L Gifford