2017 Junior County Match Days – Colne Valley GC – 14-16th August

The Team:  The players selected to represent the County are:

Olivia Dyson – 14 Handicap (Barkway)
Anna Guest – 14 Handicap (Gog Magog)
Jessica Hollingsworth – 18 Handicap (Girton)
Ella Mason – 7 Handicap (Ely City)
Chloe Neal – 13 Handicap (St Neots)  Captain
Lucy Pepper – 10 Handicap (Gog Magog)
Morgan Tritton – 12 Handicap (Gog Magog)
Alexander Sparrow – 21 Handicap (Saffron Walden) 

CHLCGA Match results below on left  (To results Table)
14th August  Afternoon Singles v  Essex  13.06
Score Players V Players Score
Ella Mason V Holly Haslam 1 up  1 Point
Lucy Pepper V Ashley Chalmers 3&2  1 point
Morgan Tritton V Kathy Yates 4&2  1 point
Chloe Neal V Ashley Croft 5&4  1 point
Anna Guest V Charley Hatley 8&6  1 point
Olivia Dyson V Emma Nagler 2up  1 1point
0 6

On Day 1 of the Junior County Match Days held at Colne Valley Golf Club our juniors faced a tough challenge as they faced host county Essex who fielded a very strong side, with four low single figure handicap players.  Despite this our young team stuck to their task and put in a tremendous effort. In the top match Ella Mason (Ely City) played extremely well but just lost out on the last hole. Lucy Pepper (Gogs), on her debut, also came across a low handicap player and despite a valiant effort she just lost out 3 & 2.  In the next match Morgan Tritton (Gogs) also played one of the low handicapped players. Her opponent went into an early lead. However Morgan fought back well to take the match to the sixteenth hole where her opponent sunk a long putt to clinch a 4 & 2 victory. Captain Chloe Neal (St Neots) fought hard but lost out 5 & 4 and Anna Guest (Gogs) in her debut lost against an opponent who was in very good form. In the final game Barkway Park’s Olivia Dyson, making her debut appearance, played some excellent golf and battled to the end before loosing out just 1 down.

A result of 6-0 did not reflect the effort put in by our young team.


15th August  Morning Singles v  Suffolk  9.42
Score Players V Players Score
Ella Mason V Fiona Stokes 2&1  1 point
Lucy Pepper V Georgia Parker 2&1  1 point
2 up  1 point Morgan Tritton V Rio Everett
 Olivia Dyson V Megan Bailey 5&3  1 point
Jessica Hollingsworth V Charlotte Gregory 5&4  1 point
5&4  1 point Alex Sparrow V Jessica Buck
2 4
On Day 2 we arrived at the course with the girls in good spirits for the match against Suffolk. Ella Mason was in the lead role and played against the top Suffolk player. They had a very evenly contested match which Suffolk won 2 & 1. In the second match Lucy Pepper put in a brave performance but just lost out 2 & 1.  The third match saw Cambs and Hunts win their first point when Morgan Tritton battled away for a hard fought victory finishing 2 up. Olivia Dyson was moved up the order to number four. She put up a real fight against a tough opponent but lost out by 5 & 3.  Jessica Hollingsworth (Girton) playing in her debut match came up against a tough opponent and lost by 5 & 3. Alex Sparrow (Saffron Walden) also made her debut in this match and played some stunning golf to win her match 5 & 4.

The match result was 4 & 2 to Suffolk.

                                                                              Press picture Jessica                                                     Press picture of Alex

15th August  Afternoon Singles v  Bedfordshire  14.06
Score Players V Players Score
Ella Mason V Georgia Staroscik 4&3  1 point
A/S   1/2 point Lucy Pepper V Chanel Fontaine-Geary A/S   1/2 point
2&1  1 point Morgan Tritton V Caitlin Thomas
8&6  1 point Chloe Neal V Jen tocha
2&1  1point Anna Guest V Roisin Scanlon
7&5  1 point Olivia Dyson V Jess Sporle
4 1/2 1 1/2
In the afternoon match we played against Bedfordshire. Once again Ella went out in the top match and although she put up a spirited fight she lost out 4 & 3. Lucy went out in second spot and played extremely well to halve her match.  In the third match Morgan had a great game and came through with a hard fought 2 & 1 victory. Captain Chloe Neal was on fire in her match and had a fantastic 8 & 6 victory.  The fifth match saw Anna Guest play a very determined young opponent, but Anna remained calm and secured a 2 & 1 victory. In the final match Olivia Dyson also fought hard and came away with an excellent 7 & 5 victory.

The match result was a win for Cambs and Hunts by 4½ – 1½. A great result for the team, well done to all the girls.



16th August  Morning Singles v  Norfolk  8.30
Score Players V Players Score
Ella Mason V Chloe Rowswell 4&2  I point
Lucy Pepper V  Jasmine Cambell 6&4  1 point
Morgan Tritton V Immy Leeder 3&1  1 point
Chloe neal V Chloe Gibbs 7&6  1 point
 Jessica Hollingsworth V Hpe Neild  5&3  1 point
A/S  1/2 point  Alex Sparrow V  A/S  1/2 point
1/2 5 1/2

On the final day in the morning we played Norfolk. Despite some brave performances from our young team Norfolk won the match 5½-½, with Alex Sparrow battling hard for a half in her match.

Other results in the morning Hertfordshire beat Suffolk 5-1 and Essex beat Bedfordshire 4½-1½.


16th August  Afternoon Singles v  Hertfordshire  13.30
Score Players V Players Score
Lucy Pepper V Millie Patten 4&3  1 point
 Morgan Tritton V  Rachel Stones  7&6  1 point
 Chloe Neal V  Mawgan Vater  4&2  1 point
 Anna Guest V  Micaela DuPlessis  5&4  1 point
 Olivia Dyson V  Eleanor Farwell  4&3  1 point
 Jessica Hollingsworth V  Maddie Rolph  3&2  1 point
0 6 
In the afternoon, with Ella Mason being rested, the remaining players had to step up to the plate. Lucy Pepper went out in the top spot and put in a tremendous performance against a player with a very low handicap and she battled hard before losing out 4 & 3. Although we didn’t win any of the matches, other good performances came from Chloe Neal, Olivia Dyson and Jessica Hollingsworth. The final result was 6-0 to Hertfordshire.

Other results in the afternoon were Norfolk beat Bedfordshire 4-2 and Essex beat Suffolk 6-0.

Essex finished in first place with 5 pts, Hertfordshire 2nd with 4 pts, Norfolk 3rd with 3 pts, Suffolk 4th with 1½ pts, Cambs & Hunts 5th with 1 pt and Bedfordshire 6th with ½ pt.

(Top Photo shows the team and helpers at the end of the tournament)


Games Won (Points)
Bedfordshire Cambs & Hunts Essex Hertfordshire Norfolk Suffolk Total
Bedfordshire  1 1//2 1 1/2 1 2  3  9

(1/2 points)

Cambs & Hunts 4 1/2  0 0 1/2 2  7

(1 points)

Essex 4 1/2  6  5 5  6  26 1/2

 (5 points)

Hertfordshire 5 6 1 4 5 21

(4 points)

Norfolk  4 5 1/2 1  2 6 18 1/2

(3 points)

Suffolk  3 4 0 1 0 8

(1 1/2 points)

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